Acceltech is FPGA design company with focus on COTS&MOTS FPGA solutions contributing to field programmable gate space acceleration which is heating up driven by everything from emerging network, wireless-telecom (LTE/5G), cloud and data center application acceleration trends.

COTS boards

  • FPGA networking accelerator, 2xSFP+, 4xSFP+, halfsize NIC
  • FPGA networking accelerator, 2xQSFP+, halfsize NIС
  • FPGA CPRI LTE, halfsize PCIe
  • L1 5G FPGA accelerator, halfsize PCIe
  • HPC FPGA accelerator 2xDDR4
  • Neural networking Video accelerator with Intel OpenVino support
  • Embedded modules SOC FPGA
  • OpenCL portable workstation with FPGA acceleration
  • OpenCL heterogeneous blade-server
  • FMC FPGA prototyping and emulation boards
  • MOTS networking platform for switching, routing and traffic balancing (48 ports x SFP+)

Design services

Board Customization (MOTS modified-off-the-shelf-boards), IP-integration, Network Switching-Routing-Filtering IP developing, OpenCL BSP, porting, optimization and benchmarking of customer application, Intel OpenVino model training, FPGA consultancy and technical training.


Acceltech is official and certified IntelDSN (Design Services Network) solution provider since 2015.

FPGA accelerator EuerLine NET 20G (2xSFP+) was rewarded as Intel DSN GOLD design in 2016.

Acceltech is Intel Partner Alliance (IPA) member in FPGA design service cat. since 2020.

Связь с нами

121205, Россия, г. Москва, Территория Сколково инновационного центра, Бульвар Большой, д. 42-1 (Технопарк 3.282)
+7 (495) 181-00-86